China OEM Alternator / Belt Tensioner / Tension Roller / Water Pump for Daf Truck Spare Parts bent axle

Product Description

EASTIGER is a professional supplier for truck body parts & truck spare parts, we have +2 Pressure Limiting Valve 165719
RH Ball Joint 1334482
1395485 Clutch Cylinder 135718
61447 Radiator 1689072 Hose 1396202 Bushing 1327673
1619667(96975) Intercooler 1689073 Hose 129571 Viration Damper 1677327 Intercooler 1693771 Hose 1283618 Bushing 165714
1295910 Expansion Tank 1677033 contact,steering 1403089 Cabin Bushing 1685352 Cover,Expansion Tank 1524321 Valve 1273279 Bushing 13 0571 7 Cover,Expansion Tank 1288232 Drive Flange 5715726 Bearing Bushing 1371329
166571 Expansion Tank 057163
1793878 Shaft 1371070 Cab Bushing 1743403 Cap 057159 Spring Mounting 1357764 Silent Block 1626327 Expansion Tank 057159S Repair Kit 1368283 Silent Block 1685351 Cap 0057159S-1 Bushing 1671219 Rubber Bushing 1399820 Cap 1849492 Bracket 0268044 Bushing 1665014 Cover 1849493 Bracket 0268045 Bushing 1757152 Expansion Tank 1450900
1694967 Stabilizer,Cabin 0571 523 Bushing 1355755
1455716 Expansion Tank 1331275 Valve water 1743406 Rubber Mounting 1315942 Cab Tilt Pump 1450740 Valve 1779767
1699564 Hollow Spring 145 0571 Cab Tilt Pump 5713562 Plug 0078015
1664140 Rubber Mounting 1605055 Gasket Kit 215714
1995152 Water Pump 0078026
1212816 Rear Engine Mounting 1346200 Hydraulic Cylinder 215717
1949539 Water Pump 1387439
164 0571 Brake Disc 1444742 Hydraulic Cylinder 215718
1949540 Water Pump 1238372 Brake Disc 1392399
1392400 Repair Kit 1643068
2011888 Cover 145714 Brake Disc 1362889 High Pressure Hose 1643072
1948919 Oil Filter 1408672
1405713 Brake Disc 1362890 High Pressure Hose 2050811 Urea pump 1233462 Brake Drum 1362891 High Pressure Hose 145711
5273338 Urea pump 571397 Brake Drum 1362892 High Pressure Hose 1339571 Door Lock 1246530 Brake Shoe 513844
10571 plug 1690788
1693978 Leaf Spring 1246531 Brake Shoe 1315381
1458701 Gasket, Oil Sump 1691889 Locking Plate 1246532 Brake Shoe 1643512 Gasket, Oil Sump 1391515
1805821 ABS Ring 683274 Drum Brake Lining 1866891 Oil Sump 1391517
1805823 ABS Ring 683276 (19052/19055)
683276 (19052/19055) Drum Brake Lining 1458702 Gasket 1391516
1805822 ABS Ring 683278 (19063/19064)
683278 (19063/19064) Drum Brake Lining 1238280 Gas Spring 1657638
1805824 ABS Ring 571595
646745 Bushing,Brake Shoe 1372540 Gas Spring 1391617
FAG805052C Wheel Bearing 183284
0646745 Bushing 1451195 Gas Spring 1396606 Hub Nut 0096242 Pin,Brake Shoe 131571 Bellows,Air Inlet 1396548 Hub Nut 0667965
667962 Roller,Brake Shoe 1321301 Silencer 124 0571 Drive Shaft 145459
0667962 Bushing 1651634
LH Door Handle 124 0571 Drive Shaft 70704 Pin 1651635
RH Door Handle 1279672 Leaf Spring 1689313 Repair Kit,Brake Caliper 18 0571 0 Filler Cap 1236037
1236038 Leaf Spring 1847716 Repair Kit,Brake Caliper 5712766 Seal Ring 0389071S Spring Kit 1639100
K571 Repair Kit,Brake Caliper 1238034 Seal Ring 0389071 Spring Pin 1617343
1797053 Brake Pad Kit 1287102
1739947 Seal Ring 0679254 Spring Bushing 1693978 Leaf Spring+Locking Plate Kit 1275084
1340321 Seal Ring 0679253 Spring Bushing 0159557
72524 Slack Adjuster,Automatic 1309074
79179 Slack Adjuster,Automatic 0092960 Spring Bushing 0159563
72544 Slack Adjuster,Automatic 1309075
79180 Slack Adjuster,Automatic 0092961 Spring Bushing 0159564
72545 Slack Adjuster,Automatic 0159556
72523 Slack Adjuster,Automatic 1236238 Seal Ring 681706 King Pin Kit 1779182 Oil Sump 1261846 Seal Ring 683499 King Pin Kit 1659860 Oil Sump 0529939 U-Bolt 683470 King Pin Kit 1866891 Oil Sump 571870 U-Bolt 1332194 Cabin Pin Kit 1388000
2032424 Sensor 5714008 Wheel Nut 1329764 Towing Brace 13 0571 8
RH Bracket 0947905 Spring Plate 1881991 Towing Brace 13 0571 0 Wheel Bolt,Rear 0266031 Rubber Stop 1301167 Oil Sump 135711 Wheel Bolt,Front 5716996 Shackle,Front Spring 1635774 Oil Sump 1356737
652575 Wheel Nut 13 0571 7
LH Bracket    












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After-sales Service: Replacement Sent
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Type: Truck Spare Parts
Certification: ISO9001
Color: Original Colour
Material: Steel
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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v belt tensioner

How do V-belt tensioners enhance the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts in various applications?

V-belt tensioners play a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts in various applications. These tensioners are specifically designed to maintain proper belt tension, which directly affects the performance, reliability, and longevity of the V-belt system. Here’s a detailed explanation of how V-belt tensioners enhance the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts:

  • Optimal Tension:
  • V-belts operate most efficiently when they are properly tensioned. Over-tensioning or under-tensioning can lead to issues such as belt slippage, reduced power transmission, increased wear, and premature failure. V-belt tensioners ensure that the belts are maintained at the correct tension, allowing for optimal power transmission and minimizing energy losses. By preventing excessive belt slippage or tension loss, tensioners contribute to the overall efficiency of the V-belt system.

  • Consistent Tension:
  • V-belt tensioners help maintain consistent tension in the belts, even in applications where load conditions or environmental factors vary. As the belts stretch or wear over time, the tensioners compensate for these changes by adjusting the tension accordingly. Consistent tension ensures that the belts stay properly engaged with the pulleys, reducing the risk of slippage and maintaining reliable power transmission. By minimizing fluctuations in tension, tensioners improve the efficiency and lifespan of V-belts.

  • Reduced Wear and Fatigue:
  • Proper tensioning provided by V-belt tensioners helps reduce wear and fatigue in the belts. When the belts are under-tensioned, they can slip, causing increased friction and wear on the belt surfaces and pulleys. On the other hand, over-tensioning can lead to excessive stress on the belts, resulting in accelerated fatigue and potential belt failure. By maintaining the optimal tension, tensioners minimize wear and fatigue, prolonging the lifespan of the V-belts and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Load Distribution:
  • V-belt tensioners aid in the proper distribution of loads across the V-belt system. They help evenly distribute the tension and load forces among multiple belts, ensuring that each belt shares the workload proportionally. This prevents individual belts from bearing excessive loads, which can cause premature wear and failure. By promoting load distribution, tensioners enhance the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts in applications with high power requirements or varying load conditions.

  • Shock and Vibration Absorption:
  • Many V-belt tensioners incorporate features that help absorb shocks and vibrations within the belt system. Applications with heavy machinery or dynamic loads often experience sudden load changes, shocks, or vibrations that can impact the belts’ performance. Tensioners with built-in damping mechanisms or shock absorbers help absorb these dynamic forces, protecting the belts from excessive stress and reducing the risk of damage or premature failure. By minimizing the impact of shocks and vibrations, tensioners contribute to the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts.

  • Alignment and Stability:
  • Proper belt alignment and stability are essential for efficient power transmission and extended belt life. V-belt tensioners aid in maintaining proper belt alignment by applying consistent tension across the belts. They also help stabilize the belts, keeping them centered on the pulleys and preventing lateral movement. By ensuring proper alignment and stability, tensioners minimize belt wear, reduce the risk of misalignment-related issues, and enhance the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts.

In summary, V-belt tensioners enhance the overall efficiency and lifespan of V-belts in various applications by maintaining optimal tension, ensuring consistent tension, reducing wear and fatigue, promoting load distribution, absorbing shocks and vibrations, and aiding in alignment and stability. By providing these benefits, tensioners optimize power transmission, minimize energy losses, extend belt life, and reduce the need for frequent replacements. Proper selection and installation of V-belt tensioners are crucial to maximizing the efficiency and longevity of V-belts in diverse industrial and mechanical systems.

v belt tensioner

Can you provide examples of products or machinery that rely on V-belt tensioners for efficient operation?

There are numerous products and machinery across various industries that rely on V-belt tensioners for efficient operation. V-belt tensioners play a crucial role in maintaining proper belt tension, preventing slippage, and ensuring optimal power transmission. Here are some examples of products and machinery that commonly utilize V-belt tensioners:

  • Automotive Engines:
  • In automotive engines, V-belt tensioners are essential for driving components such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor. These tensioners help maintain proper belt tension, ensuring efficient power transfer and reliable operation of these critical engine accessories.

  • Industrial Machinery:
  • V-belt tensioners are widely used in various industrial machinery, including conveyors, pumps, compressors, fans, and blowers. These tensioners ensure optimal power transmission, prevent belt slippage, and maintain consistent performance in industrial applications.

  • HVAC Systems:
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems rely on V-belt tensioners to drive components such as fans, blowers, and air handling units. Proper tensioning of V-belts in these systems ensures efficient airflow, reliable operation, and optimal performance, contributing to effective temperature control in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

  • Agricultural Equipment:
  • Agricultural machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, irrigation pumps, and grain conveyors, often incorporate V-belt tensioners. These tensioners play a vital role in power transmission, ensuring reliable operation and maximizing productivity in agricultural processes.

  • Construction and Mining Equipment:
  • V-belt tensioners are commonly used in construction and mining equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and crushers. These tensioners help drive essential components such as hydraulic pumps, generators, and conveyors, ensuring efficient power transmission and reliable performance in demanding construction and mining operations.

  • Power Generation Systems:
  • V-belt tensioners are frequently used in power generation systems, including generators and turbines. These tensioners help drive auxiliary components such as cooling fans, pumps, and alternators, ensuring reliable power transmission and optimal functionality in power generation plants.

  • Food Processing Machinery:
  • In the food processing industry, V-belt tensioners are commonly employed in machinery used for food production, packaging, and processing. They are used in equipment such as mixers, conveyors, blenders, slicers, and food processors. V-belt tensioners ensure reliable power transmission, consistent operation, and adherence to hygiene standards in food processing facilities.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of products and machinery that rely on V-belt tensioners for efficient operation. V-belt tensioners are utilized in numerous other industries and applications where V-belts are used for power transmission. Their critical role in maintaining optimal belt functionality makes them an integral component in various systems that require reliable and efficient power transfer.

v belt tensioner

How do V-belt tensioners differ from other types of belt tensioners in terms of design and application?

V-belt tensioners differ from other types of belt tensioners in terms of their design and application. Here’s a detailed explanation of the differences between V-belt tensioners and other types of belt tensioners:

  • Design:
  • V-belt tensioners are specifically designed to accommodate V-belts, which are power transmission belts with a trapezoidal cross-section. The design of V-belt tensioners typically includes a pulley mounted on a movable arm or a spring-loaded mechanism. The pulley is designed to match the profile of the V-belt and provide the necessary contact area for tensioning. The movable arm or spring-loaded mechanism allows for adjusting the tension and compensating for belt elongation over time. In contrast, other types of belt tensioners, such as flat belt tensioners or timing belt tensioners, have different designs suited for their respective belt types. Flat belt tensioners often use an idler pulley or a take-up pulley system to maintain tension, while timing belt tensioners may incorporate a tensioning arm or a hydraulic tensioner.

  • Application:
  • V-belt tensioners are primarily used in V-belt drive systems, which are commonly found in various machinery and equipment applications. V-belts are widely used in industrial and automotive applications for power transmission, such as in engines, generators, HVAC systems, and conveyor systems. V-belt tensioners ensure proper tensioning and reliable power transmission in these applications. On the other hand, other types of belt tensioners are designed for specific belt systems. Flat belt tensioners are used in applications that utilize flat belts, such as in certain conveyor systems or agricultural machinery. Timing belt tensioners are used in timing belt drive systems, which are commonly found in engines, automotive camshafts, and other applications that require precise synchronization between components. The design and application of belt tensioners are tailored to the specific requirements of the belt type and the system in which they are used.

  • Tensioning Mechanism:
  • The tensioning mechanisms employed by V-belt tensioners differ from those used in other types of belt tensioners. V-belt tensioners typically apply tension to the V-belt by adjusting the position or the force applied to the pulley. The movable arm or spring-loaded mechanism allows for tension adjustment and compensates for belt elongation. This mechanism ensures that the V-belt remains properly tensioned and prevents slippage between the belt and the pulleys. In contrast, other types of belt tensioners may use different mechanisms. Flat belt tensioners may rely on manual adjustment or a spring-loaded system to maintain tension. Timing belt tensioners often incorporate a tensioning arm or a hydraulic tensioner that applies a specific force to achieve the desired tension, ensuring accurate timing in timing belt drive systems.

  • Belt Type Compatibility:
  • V-belt tensioners are specifically designed to work with V-belts. V-belts have a trapezoidal cross-section, and their design allows for efficient power transmission and grip. V-belt tensioners are designed to match this specific belt profile and ensure proper tensioning. Other types of belt tensioners are designed for compatibility with the respective belt types they are intended to work with. For example, flat belt tensioners are designed for flat belts, which have a rectangular cross-section. Timing belt tensioners are designed to work with timing belts, which feature teeth and require precise synchronization. The compatibility between the tensioner and the belt type is crucial for achieving optimal tensioning and reliable power transmission.

In summary, V-belt tensioners differ from other types of belt tensioners in terms of design and application. They are specifically designed for V-belt drive systems, employ mechanisms suited for V-belts, and ensure proper tensioning and power transmission. The design, application, tensioning mechanism, and belt type compatibility of V-belt tensioners are distinct from other types of belt tensioners, such as flat belt tensioners or timing belt tensioners, which are designed for different belt types and specific applications.

China OEM Alternator / Belt Tensioner / Tension Roller / Water Pump for Daf Truck Spare Parts   bent axleChina OEM Alternator / Belt Tensioner / Tension Roller / Water Pump for Daf Truck Spare Parts   bent axle
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