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Product Description

Model No. all Material Metal
Warranty 3 months Brand RuiHangZhou
Type belt Stock In Stock
MOQ 1 piece Part Name belt
Part Number all Transport Package neutral carton
 Specification  xugong   Trademark  xugong
Origin ZheJiang HS Code 845719990

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ZheJiang RuiHangZhou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in engineering machinery and equipment spare parts, oil products, filter elements, and related equipment maintenance services. Currently, we are full-time agents of Cummins, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng Motors, and authorized service providers of HangZhou Cummins. Now we are providing spare parts and maintenance services for large domestic mines such as ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Mining, CZPT Copper, and Longmang Mining.Now we have long-term cooperation with China Railway 19th Bureau in China.

We are specialized in the sale of CZPT and CZPT engine parts,Donaldson and Fleetguard filter, and excavator parts: VOLVO,Komatsu,Shantui,XCMG,Liugong,

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201-977-7180 01435-0 0571 09690-P1000
57110-D1571 6204-21-3312 09690-M0063
01643-71032 6204-21-3410 201-00-D1140
201-54-75622 6204-21-3451 201-00-71160
201-06-71390 6204-21-3460 09601-200C1
201-54-73213 6204-21-3480 04418-13060
201-54-73550 01435-00620 5710-00150 5713-A2321
20Y-57-11440 6206-31-6301 203-00-31120
57110-81571 6204-31-6341 203-00-61260
01643-31032 6204-31-6331 09653-A0481
201-54-73142 0571 1-571 09805-C0881
57110-81571 6204-31-6350 09652-30121
01643-31032 01435-01270 09650-35714
201-54-75141 6204-21-6710 09637-30163
57110-81571 6204-21-6811 09667-A0481
01643-31032 01435-0571 203-00-51170
201-06-71811 07046-23016 5713-03001
571-51571 6205-21-5150 201-00-71330
57110-81016 01435-0571 203-00-56290
01643-31032 01435-00820 362-54-38150
07095-2571 6204-21-5180 09685-00001
201-54-75650 07005-57116 5710-61012
201-54-75660 6205-51-6120 201-00-D1030
09452-06506 6204-51-6122 201-00-D1040
01224-40408 01435-0571 09808-A0881
20T-43-82311 01435-0571 5714-A0881
20T-43-72320 01643-30823 21W-98-31820
20T-43-72330 6204-21-3750 20Y-00-D1240
20T-43-72340 01643-30823 5710-00150 09659-53000
20T-43-82351 6204-21-5390 09842-A0481
20T-43-82360 6204-21-5520 20Y-00-D1450
20T-43-72370 6150-21-5920 09690-P571
20T-43-72380 6150-21-5930 201-00-D1150
20T-06-71770 6204-21-5490 208-00-51650
6134-71-5750 571-51208 09802-09000
01641-20508 01435-00820 09654-A0481
20T-06-71781 6204-21-5580 09803-A0481
203-54-32260 6144-11-5630 09801-A0481
0571 1-00620 01435-57150 09651-A0481
57110-81571 07046-21210 09822-09000
Quality guarantee

1)3 months
2)Quality Certification: ISO9002/TS16949
3)100% tested for the accuracy and quality prior to shipment

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Certification: ISO9001, TS16949
Standard Component: Standard Component
Technics: Forging
Material: Iron
Type: Belt
Weight: Standard


Customized Request

v belt tensioner

Can you describe the various mounting options and installations for V-belt tensioners in different settings?

When it comes to mounting V-belt tensioners, several options and installations are available to accommodate different settings and applications. The choice of mounting method depends on factors such as space constraints, accessibility, system design, and the specific requirements of the V-belt system. Here’s a detailed description of the various mounting options and installations for V-belt tensioners:

  • Bolt-On Mounting:
  • Bolt-on mounting is a common method used to install V-belt tensioners. In this configuration, the tensioner is equipped with mounting holes or brackets that align with corresponding holes on the mounting surface. The tensioner is secured in place using bolts or screws. Bolt-on mounting provides a sturdy and reliable installation, allowing for easy adjustment and maintenance when needed. It is commonly used in industrial machinery, automotive applications, and other settings where the tensioner needs to be securely mounted.

  • Weld-On Mounting:
  • Weld-on mounting involves permanently attaching the tensioner to the mounting surface by welding. This method is often used in heavy-duty applications or settings where additional strength and stability are required. Weld-on mounting provides a secure and rigid installation, ensuring that the tensioner remains in place even under high loads or vibrations. It is commonly used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and other demanding environments.

  • Stud-Mounted:
  • Stud-mounted tensioners feature a threaded stud that is welded or attached to the mounting surface. The tensioner can then be threaded onto the stud and secured in place using a nut or locking mechanism. Stud-mounted tensioners offer a flexible and adjustable installation, allowing for easy tension adjustment and replacement. They are commonly used in applications where frequent tension adjustments or belt changes are required, such as conveyor systems or woodworking machinery.

  • Spring-Loaded Tensioners:
  • Spring-loaded tensioners are designed with a built-in spring mechanism that applies constant tension to the V-belt. These tensioners often have a base plate or bracket that can be bolted or welded onto the mounting surface. The spring-loaded tensioner is then attached to the base plate or bracket and adjusted to the desired tension. Spring-loaded tensioners are commonly used in automotive engines, HVAC systems, and other applications where maintaining consistent belt tension is crucial.

  • Hydraulic Tensioners:
  • Hydraulic tensioners rely on hydraulic pressure to maintain proper belt tension. These tensioners are typically mounted using bolt-on or stud-mounted configurations. They feature an adjustable hydraulic cylinder that applies the desired tension to the V-belt. The hydraulic tensioner is mounted securely, and the hydraulic pressure is adjusted to achieve the correct tension. Hydraulic tensioners are commonly used in industrial machinery, heavy equipment, and power transmission systems.

  • Automatic Tensioners:
  • Automatic tensioners use a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, or electronic mechanisms to adjust and maintain the tension of the V-belt automatically. The mounting options for automatic tensioners can vary depending on the specific design and manufacturer. They may utilize bolt-on, weld-on, or stud-mounted configurations. The installation process typically involves securing the tensioner in the desired position and connecting it to the V-belt system. Automatic tensioners are commonly used in automotive engines, industrial equipment, and other applications where continuous tension adjustment is required.

These various mounting options and installations for V-belt tensioners provide flexibility to accommodate different settings and applications. Whether it’s bolt-on mounting, weld-on mounting, stud-mounted configurations, or specific designs like spring-loaded, hydraulic, or automatic tensioners, selecting the appropriate mounting method ensures a secure and effective installation of the tensioner in the V-belt system.

v belt tensioner

Can you provide examples of products or machinery that rely on V-belt tensioners for efficient operation?

There are numerous products and machinery across various industries that rely on V-belt tensioners for efficient operation. V-belt tensioners play a crucial role in maintaining proper belt tension, preventing slippage, and ensuring optimal power transmission. Here are some examples of products and machinery that commonly utilize V-belt tensioners:

  • Automotive Engines:
  • In automotive engines, V-belt tensioners are essential for driving components such as the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor. These tensioners help maintain proper belt tension, ensuring efficient power transfer and reliable operation of these critical engine accessories.

  • Industrial Machinery:
  • V-belt tensioners are widely used in various industrial machinery, including conveyors, pumps, compressors, fans, and blowers. These tensioners ensure optimal power transmission, prevent belt slippage, and maintain consistent performance in industrial applications.

  • HVAC Systems:
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems rely on V-belt tensioners to drive components such as fans, blowers, and air handling units. Proper tensioning of V-belts in these systems ensures efficient airflow, reliable operation, and optimal performance, contributing to effective temperature control in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

  • Agricultural Equipment:
  • Agricultural machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, irrigation pumps, and grain conveyors, often incorporate V-belt tensioners. These tensioners play a vital role in power transmission, ensuring reliable operation and maximizing productivity in agricultural processes.

  • Construction and Mining Equipment:
  • V-belt tensioners are commonly used in construction and mining equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and crushers. These tensioners help drive essential components such as hydraulic pumps, generators, and conveyors, ensuring efficient power transmission and reliable performance in demanding construction and mining operations.

  • Power Generation Systems:
  • V-belt tensioners are frequently used in power generation systems, including generators and turbines. These tensioners help drive auxiliary components such as cooling fans, pumps, and alternators, ensuring reliable power transmission and optimal functionality in power generation plants.

  • Food Processing Machinery:
  • In the food processing industry, V-belt tensioners are commonly employed in machinery used for food production, packaging, and processing. They are used in equipment such as mixers, conveyors, blenders, slicers, and food processors. V-belt tensioners ensure reliable power transmission, consistent operation, and adherence to hygiene standards in food processing facilities.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of products and machinery that rely on V-belt tensioners for efficient operation. V-belt tensioners are utilized in numerous other industries and applications where V-belts are used for power transmission. Their critical role in maintaining optimal belt functionality makes them an integral component in various systems that require reliable and efficient power transfer.

v belt tensioner

Are there specific designs of V-belt tensioners for different applications, like automotive or industrial equipment?

Yes, there are specific designs of V-belt tensioners tailored for different applications, such as automotive or industrial equipment. The designs of V-belt tensioners are often optimized to meet the specific requirements and challenges of different industries and machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  • Automotive Applications:
  • In the automotive industry, V-belt tensioners are designed to meet the unique demands of automotive engines. Automotive tensioner designs often incorporate features that address factors such as limited space, high vibration, and exposure to extreme temperatures. These tensioners are typically compact and durable, ensuring reliable operation in the demanding automotive environment. They may also incorporate additional features like built-in damping mechanisms to reduce noise and vibration.

  • Industrial Equipment:
  • For industrial equipment, V-belt tensioners are designed to withstand the rigorous conditions typically encountered in industrial settings. These tensioners are often built with heavy-duty materials and robust construction to handle high loads and prolonged operation. They may include features like sealed bearings or protective covers to prevent contamination from dust, dirt, or debris. Industrial tensioner designs prioritize durability, longevity, and consistent performance in demanding industrial applications.

  • HVAC Systems:
  • V-belt tensioners used in HVAC systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. These tensioners often prioritize quiet operation, as noise reduction is crucial in HVAC applications. They may incorporate features like low-friction materials or noise-dampening mechanisms to minimize belt noise. HVAC tensioner designs also consider space limitations and ease of installation and maintenance in HVAC equipment.

  • Agricultural Machinery:
  • In agricultural machinery, V-belt tensioners are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of farming operations. These tensioners may have additional protection against environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and agricultural chemicals. Agricultural tensioner designs often prioritize ease of adjustment and maintenance, as these machines may require frequent belt changes or tension adjustments in the field.

  • Construction and Mining Equipment:
  • V-belt tensioners used in construction and mining equipment are designed to handle heavy loads, shocks, and vibrations commonly encountered in these industries. These tensioners may have reinforced components and advanced sealing to withstand the rugged conditions of construction sites or mining operations. They are often designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind, considering the challenging environments in which they are used.

  • Industry-Specific Applications:
  • In addition to the above examples, there are industry-specific V-belt tensioner designs tailored for particular applications. For example, tensioners used in the printing and paper industries may have features to minimize belt slippage and ensure precise registration of printing materials. Tensioners used in food processing machinery may have hygienic design features to meet sanitation requirements. Textile machinery may incorporate tensioners designed for high-speed operation and accurate tension control of drive belts.

Overall, V-belt tensioner designs are customized to address the specific needs, challenges, and operating conditions of different industries and machinery. These designs aim to optimize belt functionality, ensure reliable power transmission, and enhance the overall performance of the equipment in which they are employed.

China wholesaler Belt Tensioner for CZPT Excavator Engine Parts (6754-61-4110)   with Best Sales China wholesaler Belt Tensioner for CZPT Excavator Engine Parts (6754-61-4110)   with Best Sales
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